mardi 6 octobre 2009

Anchor babies...As low as conception of life gets

...Welfare Rats shouldn't breed...Its an Illegal act ...All these babies must have been aborted at the first place ....If you are Illegal, you cant make little ninos rats... future whores and criminals to benefit from tax payers money.
Its Illegal It's obscene, immoral, Its t he same thing as crossing the border illegally, its unlawful but millions do it.
Every time I see an Anchor kid with his Rats eyes, and perverse animal attitude Whiling to find any chance to fuck anything around him,I WANT TO PUKE.
Think about how despicable the fact of making an anchor baby is.
Theses rats cross the border illegally and the first thing they do is ...As son as they step inside the US territory, is to start banging each other, theses fucks even though stupid and ignorants, they know how it works in generous uncle SAM's Land ; their cousins already told them long time ago.
"Todo está bien, tan pronto como lo hacen bombinos obtendrá dinero de los impuestos gringos... Sus Amigos fácil, ni siquiera puede hacerlo... yo te mostraré cómo aplicar jajajaja gringos estúpidos que nos pagan para la Raza."
" Everything is fine, as soon as you make babies you will get Gringos tax money...Its easy even Amigos can do it...I will show you how to apply jajajaja Stupid gringos they pay us to breed."

And, Jose the first thing to do once on US territory is to fuck the first stinky Latina in sight, the sooner the better, 9 months is long tine to wait. Always these rats knows how it works they know it's easy tax payers money plus the little rats they make gets citizenship automatically.
See how it works; from an illegal ignorant spic crossing illegally the border to an US citizen, how ironic it is...Another reason to think Americans are stupid.
These rats live like that just the same way "RATS" (the ones who didn't develop the ability to speak either Spanish or English YET) live on humans leftover, its exactly how anchor babies live in America .
It's just an deSPICable act to make an anchor baby ,to use GOD's gift of human conception to steal tax payers money or get money and status you don't deserve

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