mardi 6 octobre 2009

Latttina...a fuck tool in america ..

How on earth could a Human being lower himself to fuck a savage, dirty, filthy whore, NYC's gringo cum dumpster low form of life LATINA. This is an abnormal if not illegal act, thats the most degradation that i can put yourself into. The whole world knows Latinas are meant to be whores, or house keepers. An inferior subordinate female who is mainly maid to serve gringos, you cannot have sex with a lower form of existence, may be a way to explore lower species, as an life experience, nothing more. Or possibly it is a power trip to fuck this lowlife, dirty, filthy whores, inferieur culture thats is SPICS specie. may be just to dominate as if fucking an witche or a chicken. I would soone hack my dick off before I fucked a LATINA again.
Latina females vagina are nasty looking.Sometimes LATINA females look almost like an wild animal who's little primitive mind is full by perversion,they may dress up put make up, try to change the fact that LATINA= A PERVERSE CREATURE THATS WHORES AROUND TO MAKE A LIVING A WITCH OF MODERN TIMES.
Personally when i see a Latina quelle que soit l apparence qu elle a, la premiere idea que j'ai ...c'est que c' est une pute ...peu importe dans quel circonstance je l ai vus travail, en famille pour moi LATINA = PROSTITUTE.

All Latina females neglect vaginal health compared to other females, they may want to try to compensate, by wearing tight jeans, always a size or 2 smaller, to mettre en valeur leur disgusting Latina's whore 's trade mark :THE BIG LATINAS ASS, by trying to show off as much as they can of their whores body, and of course, a make up and a perfume. Of course Latinas take all shapes, forms, sizes and colors, from the little spicklette running all around in Jackson Heights and corona, breeding and whoring around to make a living, with their natives face to white skinned spics with their identity crisis, inferiority complex, and the white wanna be syndrome.
Latinas are more apt to develop a smell on their vagina, due to the social status of Latinas (mostly whores, office' slut, submissive housekeeper, el Patron favorite fuck tool...etc). Latinas think thats fucking gringos is a blessing so as many gringos she fucks, as many the blessing she receive ...Plus, she makes dinero...she couldn't be more happier (the Santa madre theory).
Latina females Vagina do smell, Sometimes I think it's funny that there own men PIMP them out.
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