vendredi 8 juin 2012

Ghetto kids...

Ghetto kids are a wasted existence, future criminals and whores, welfare recipient and affirmative action beneficiary, they grow up in an immoral milieu, the Bronx for instance is a good example, most are of Boricua or Negroes origin, knowing the low status of these 2 groups, the kids are just as perverted as the parents, often an occasional or full time whore mommy,(Boricua females consider prostitution an honorable job) and,on the down low daddy, or papa as they call them, you may often hear a Boricua asking his father: " Papa, did you make any cash today?" Boricua are well known of being the number one male prostitutes in USA.

So Ghetto kids are often corrupt morally, they start sucking each other's dick at a tender age, on the down low of course, and they act like just playing next to the project, and it is no secret that ghetto girls start banging pipes at average 9 years old, often she gets deflowered by the Negro next door. 

As a Conclusion: The social milieu where  they grow up, the stereotype of the Hispanic and Black class as subordinate and inferior, along with the family influence, often ignorant parents, a prostitute mother and a drug addict father, all these factors make Hispanic and Black kids grow up to add to the USA statistics of gays community if not on the down low boys, and Latina and Black girls; it is no secret that they grow up to form the base demographic of the prostitutes class workers in America, after they get impregnated in High school or in their ghetto corners, witch de facto is the result of a long term sexual activity often it start by oral sex in middle and even elementary school. 

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