mercredi 7 octobre 2009

Hispanic Culture in America

 *THEY dONT sEEM tO hAVE aIDS, or any STD, Statistics (Puerto- Rico)

*May be it dont show up on their appearance.

*Latina females vagina is pretty very very used, due to her life style as forming the  prostitute class demographic base, and to her role as la Raza breeder.

*They are obssessed about their appearance and fashion, since thats how the native spirit present itself in modern world, they got inferiority complex about every aspect of their life. Their look is often used to hide and to compensate how inferior they are, often behind the look is the native spirit struggle for integration and assimilation in what was its land.

*When they wear modern clothes they look normal, except that they are native Americans in modern days.

*If they really got any STD they still can do house keeping job, and whoring around, nobody will know.

*They know they may have the virus, but no symptoms, they dont bother to check cause they are ignorant stupid culturally inferior.

*They keep whoring around all over the world, wherever they exist, prostitution is considered an honorable job in Hispanics culture, it's the santa Madre doing a holly duty, it start when europeand discovered the new world, and introduced the new religion to native Americans, since then the notion of santa madre been introduced, its a Latina female conforonting jesus christ, witch is a white man or Gringo.

*They spread diseases ...but they have no choice:thas the typical life for a latinos in usa, and all oveer the world.

*How you think latinas with dozen of bombinos can afford a house and a big car and to take care of her big ass, prostitution is a natural source of income for Hispanic families.

* A lot of people consider latinos as a second class citizens but hey just dont show it , or tell them, we need them in usa, they compose the cheap labor class in USA.

*I do look down on Latinos , and i think that they are, the lowest form of existance that God created on Earth.

*They got their value in their big latino ass, the brand mark of Latina prostitutes, and in their whores skills broughts from latin america .

*Please feel free, every time u see a Hispanic in ure sight to cross to the other side, for your own safety and to mark a point about how inferior they are.

*Please feel free every time u see a hispanic person on your sight to spit on the floor and thinking and insinuate that you are spiting on its face .

*Please avoid latinos as much as you can, they will smile on you're face, to get what they need from you or from America, but their evil spirit hates you and they hate all the other races, because of their inferiority complex and the past of the genocide of native American.

*If they got a chance, if they have interest to do it they will scalp you're skin out alive.

*Latinas are known for been witches, since the discovery of new world, so try to avoid them as much as you can, they will seduce and offer herself in any impossible and unimaginable way, from all ages, just to get to her witches goals, that explain their constant provocative fashion and their whores life style.

*They will use their over used pussy to achieve what they are looking for, dont get fooled by the rond ass in the tight jean, every time you see a latina ass, think ...thats their qualification to live in America, or she got some STD.

*Latino males are lowest then a donkey, they get overweight in America by eating you're tax money.

*Latino male will let an white female pee on his face for assimilation and integration or just to get what he's looking for.

*Latino males will let an white male sodomize them, or they will suck his penise, to achieve thier goal even if they are straight and family oriented, in fact in Hispanics family value, there is nothing wrong with it, it's called trabajandro, and its not a sexual act, but professional activity.

*Latino male is a low thinking creature, inside that latino look there are an low animal ready for anything, dont have no pride (they may pretend the opposite) you can pee on a latino male and pay him .

*Latino male pimp their family memeber to live in usa, and to support their family, it's a part of Latinos Culture and la Raza resurrection weapons.

*Its normal for a latina wife to be a prostitute to support her family and its totally acceptable by the husband and the kids, again it's trabajandro, professional activity, nothing wrong with it.

*Hispanics from all backgrounds form one entity, that is an extension to Natives spirit, the form 2nd class citizens demographic base and they are in perpetual search for an identity and a struggle for equality.

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