Puerto Ricans are a great heritage in the History of the American continent, they are the missed link between Tainos and modern Humans...
If you mix a red skin with a pale skin, the result is the Boricua you find roaming all over in America in a quasi primitive stage, overall improved by the U.S Government efforts to assimilate and integrate Taino remains genes in improved look, often it's in vain.
Puerto Ricans or Boricua as they like to be called, are the remains of Taino in new improved look, they are flooding the country taking advantage of a legislation making the island an territory, so, all criminals, drug addict and whores are dumped in America, their legal status is caused by their roots as an national tresor... The missed link between Tainos and modern Humans, it is the Boricua, a creature with partial retardation mental and which  is lacking any and every sense of decency and Pride.

Boricuas, as well as their descendants represent the syndromes of grave mental faillure, often it is due to the confusion submerging them, they are confused about what they are, most of Boricuas are uneducated, with little knowledge about History, all they know is that they are BORICUA, that they have to wave the flag as often as possible...they dont even know the status of their island as an U.S property, they consider the fact that they are considered U.S. citizens an privilege, yet, they are confused about the meaning of their flag, but they wave it any way, because they see all Boricua doing it.
Below some videos presenting Puerto Ricans as they are stereotyped.

51st state? May be in see if the PA will go bankrupt, because of supporting a whole island of Cockroaches. Are these people lacking any sense of dignity and nationalism other than waving the stupid flag while thriving on the American federal Aid.
Reaction to Puerto Ricans Stereotypes.