Inferiority Complexe

I feel sorry for how Latinos feel. it's an historical issue that never happened anywhere else in the world. the extermination of native Americans was far and away the largest genocide in the history of the world.
people all over the world got some dignity and pride .(except Chinese and Indians ). Hispanics, aka Latinos making history on the degradation of humans self-esteem and dignity at the price of $$$$ ,they give the perfect example of the sellout humans in the 21st century , of lost souls ....a tel point que je les classes comme non humans ...ou subhumans. C’ est pourquoi, souvent je parle de Hispanics ...comme une entity, une entity qui prend toutes les shapes, forms, sizes and colors, une entitiy meprisable qui utilise le fact that the whole planet raped the native Indians in an form or another, either in the conquest of Europeans times or via the different sex tourists visiting central and south america for its affordable child sex tourism. It’s easy for it to pass for different races to misrepresent or, as inferior as it feels, to change how it is seen.
The origin of this entity is the native Indians crashed spirit that still struggling for equality in what was its land. the Hispanics stereotype in us may be compared or related to white men discovery of the new world and the cross breeding of European conqueror with the remains of native Americans .some rumors , natives spirit was evil, and it’s always in quest of the revenge, some talk about la Reconquista…. Aztlan rising ….little beaners round faced running all around in NYC and mestizos infested states breeding as many as they can ...but this is another story.
They keep crying all the time tying to improve their image, Hispanics are described by Mr. Core as extremely navies and terriblement stupid, they resonate like an retarded kid, since basically they are native Americans in modern clothes, and they got no identity, the personification is a part of their daily life, and they act just like clowns, every time presenting a new identity and racial group, the different looks they got since they are the fruit of cross breed of the Planet with native whores, and since originally they used to roam around half naked, now they find all these modern clothes, and they play the clown, or who Iam today.LMOA.