Mise au Point

...This is an TaMere Network Blog, by Mr. Core..........

The Natives remain at the origin of the Hispanic invasion and 2nd class demographic composition exposed it self to Mr Core in several occasion, these people feel dangerously down and backwarded culturally, the presence of Mr core doesn't make them feel any better, at the opposite, Mr Core make them feel worst and he deepens the inferiority complex they got as second class citizens and remains of Natives in new looks. La Raza as Mr. Core define the entity resulting from remain of native Americans in modern looks are just confused, they are confused in the way they are supposed to look or to sound with their identity crisis. They are stuck between identities, from Latinos to Hispanic, passing by Mexicans, Ecuadorians, Puerto Ricans, they shift identities for a better presentation, while they are the same entity of stupid second class citizens, and as stupid as they are, they think, that by embracing such identity or such they will give another presentation other than that they really represent of second class citizens, or native Americans struggling with their inferiority complex in what was their land, LMOA. now they come to America in search for La Civilizacion and knowing how Mr Core view them as stupid Native Americans in modern of clothes, they work 24/7 to deflect the attention about the stupid savages Mestizos that got recycled n America.
Of course the stereotype among Hispanics or 2nd class disappear while confronted to a supreme entity, that is TaMere Network represented by Glorious Mr. Core, they know it is vain to adhere to such or such ethnic group, since Mr. Core supremacy is targeting the Hispanics or the demographic base of 2nd class citizens as a whole, no place for nationalism, la Raza got no nationality, it is united when it's existence as a whole is menaced by Mr. Core.
Well, they can always stereotype between Mexicans, Puerto Rican, Dominicans, Ecuadorians and Colombians...etc when they are competing on who is the best representation of Second Class citizens.lol

Under TaMere Network overview; the whole La Raza united from all the backgrounds, are Bugs or Parasites under Mr. Core Microscope.

By M. TaMere
TaMere Network
Founder and President.