dimanche 22 février 2009

Spics education

Classes include: 
How to create words in English that DO NOT EXIST. Anchor Baby Training
Delivery Boy Training
Stuporintendent for nasty,unclean buildings training
Government Checks
Business-meaning drugs,prostitution,dog and rooster fighting
Identity Theft
Get a White man(liquid lunch specialists)
How to be a "Coyote"
How to jump the fence and escape into America.
How to turn on a Pedophile by dressing up your 10 y.o. child
How to share your kids with strange on-line prostitution rings
How to be an "Illegal". 
 How to be a "Victim"= government checks
How to look like a whore in photos while selling sex on the side, freelance.
How to mastubate while wearing tight jeans
How to buy clothes for sizes 2X,3X and look like a "PORKER"
How to support and befriend terrorists who are Arab and look Hispanic.
How to go with your high school white teacher and get a baby
How to find a black man to give you money for the white man's kid with you.
How to remain pregnant forever. 

Judging from what I see on a daily basis in NYC,many graduates are "A" students. 

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