jeudi 26 février 2009

Lupita Latina y Negra.

Lupita is a black Hispanic, so dark, she knows it, that makes her feel hysterical, she use bleach trying to lighten up her skin ,(it looks exactly like dark poop color), it dont work, people make fun of her, she's enraged, she start screaming and running like a fool, she keep telling people that her vagina even though very dark is clean,shaved and disease free…but nobody wants her , shes upset, she hate whites and Asian, cause she looks like a monkey compared to another female, all she wants is that people look at her as a human being, unfortunately she is a subhuman, she act exactly like an ape, shes so funny, she hate to see bleach in the bathroom, cause of the temptation she feels to lighten up her skin, she tried before, it burns, shes aware of side effects, she dont care, she want to be seen as normal female, not as second or third class, she hate females with natural strait hair, thats make her feel so down, shes deeply injured, inside, she cant change what she is.
She keeps picking on normal females, the jealousy kills her, she knows people look down on her, maybe they dont tell her, but she knows, she is a second class female, shes only good for sugar cane plantation, and house keeping, aand to get fucked by some man who got bestiality fetish.

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