dimanche 22 février 2009

Definition of mexicans

What is a mexican? take little inbred midget aztec mongolian with down syndrome mix it with a spanish euro gypsy mediterranean sand nigger and maybe a lil dash of floppy ass pacific islander and you got the retarded vermin mexican race that you see every day when you look in the mirror puto.mexican's aren't a race either they're the equivalent to those ethnic albanian's the serb's where trying to kill ,just a bunch of muts like those kyke jews in israel.gooks are shrunken niggers with yellow skin that makes you predominantly a nigger.Go home piece of shit mexican wannabe indian imposters,short fuckin hairy gypsy turd bitches.your people where never from this land(I know indians from within our borders and their not 4 feet tall and their women dont have an inch oh hair growing off their back and forarms) dont make excuses to justify coming here like your fuckin entitled to eveything real americans have,feed yourself that bullshit to make yourself feel better about being a piece a shit that crawled out of a shit hole of a country you called mexico where you couldnt muster the balls to speak out against your countrys corrupt ways yet you come here with your bias attitudes for mexico and protest like we should cater to you retarded illegal fucks.your fuckin parasites among parasites the fuckin lowest form of life in my eyes.fuck your sub human race with its bland features and burrito shaped bodies where all your people look a like from inbreeding.MEXICAN'S remind me of this episode of national geograghic i seen,where there was this island near australia that had all of these niggers that looked like Danny Glover.And the only reason some of your women are half way decent looking is because your great great whore grandma got dicked down by some white arab tainted cock other wise they would all look like this fat lil stubby bitch guadelupe i work with from oxaca that smells like she washes her uniform with cheap bars of 99cent store soap(you know that strange aroma you smell every time you walk by a wetbacks apartment

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