lundi 11 février 2013

Hispanics: The Roots

Hispanics are a low form of life that never existed before in any other continent, it’s the new specie, that popped out as a result of the cross breed between native Americans, and el conquistadors at a first time, then with all other child sex tourist at a second time, it is known for hosting the native Americans spirit, which is a primitive form of life suffering from eternal inferiority complex and identity crisis, their inferiority complex and their desire to deflect their mental and cultural inferiority s'express by their daily actions and their efforts to manipulate the facts about their low existence as native remains descendants in improved looks, often by screaming as loud as possible nonsense or repeating what they hear from others in a reformulated sentences and expect to sound smart, their immorality is legendaire, they got no culture nor a distinct entity, they are the lost souls of native Americans, in new improved look with gringos genes, and now corrupted and evil, the fact that they resulted of forced cross breeding at a first time, then of mostly prostitution and perversion activities, make them a low form of life all the long of their ancestry tree, explaining the reason why they are low, corrupted soul, and unholy offspring.

Mr. Core experienced first hand contact with la Raza  or Native American spirit resurrection in new improved look, by gringos genes bien evidement.

The immorality and the corruption of la raza s'express in their daily life action, their action tend to seem like naive or celle of an mentally challenged kid, they are in perpetual search of an identity, confused between their native roots, and the Black and white entities, hard to present their ethnic group, without invoking the scare of the past and the humiliation that native American were subject to and on the other hand, the fact that their ancestry can’t go further that few centuries ago, even no further than last century, that make them in perpetual search for an identity.

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