samedi 26 janvier 2013

The Immorality of Mestizos

By Mr. Core

The immorality and the corruption of la Raza s'express in their daily life action, their actions tend to seem like naive or that of an mentally challenged kid, they are in perpetual search for an identity, confused between their native roots, and the Black and white entities, hard to present their ethnic group, without invoking the scare of the past and the humiliation that native American were subject to and on the other hand, the fact that their ancestry can’t go further that few centuries ago, even no further than last century, that make them in perpetual search for an identity. 

 Their mind and spirituality is like a primitive form of life they are limited into primitive instincts, like hunger, thirst, sex, appearance, body structure...etc. Bigger, or challenging subjects are often beyond their perception and as a reaction to sound smarter, they just mimic what they hear, or as cited before, they reformulate what they hear to sound smart, and link it to themselves. The way they try to convince Mr. Core about their cultural development made no doubt about their low nature and inferiority mental and cultural, a certain primitiveness  and immorality been noticed, since they act almost next to their ancestors native Americans mental development, in their savageness, and the way they try to deflect the attention about their low and backwarded nature, screaming like the savage Indians, often none sense or repeating same stuff and reformulating the  order of the words, expecting to sound interesting, intimidation, harassment and physical treat are often part of their natural daily actions, it's like they still trying to fight for their land...But overpowered by Gringos; they just kept that part of their nature as a behavioral signature to all Mestizos with native blood and Hosting the Injuns spirit in their daily life, just the same way their ancestors did, except now they are not armed with axes, and scalping El Conquistador; still the statistics of the crimes committed by Latinos are sky high, the bloodiest, the extremely goring and savage among all crimes in America, just observe what’s going on Mexico, and you will get the image, native spirit, is still alive, sure it is in different bodies, often improved to melt better in the various demographic texture, but, it's there, overpowered sure,  it vowed revenge, and it’s getting it through its silent brown invasion.

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