samedi 21 mars 2009

Confession of a hispanic childs lover

We will call him Mr Gringo to keep his identity anonymous ...this is a real confession from am White American sex tourist. To Mr Gringo, latin america is a wonderful place because it makes him feel young. 'I'm an old guy, I'm 65', he said, 'but young girls still make up to me. That keeps you young'. He then explained that these girls are not really prostitutes. 'They have to do it for the money, because most of them have been left in the lurch with kiddies' but they are very different from North American and European prostitutes, because they actually enjoy the sex:
"They like doing it. They're very affectionate, they like a kiss and a cuddle, it's not, you know, business and straight down to one thing. And they like it, you can tell they do, they get really excited. latino kids love sex."
It sounds as though Mr. Gringo is simply rehearsing the usual self-serving sex tourist script which revolves around the idea that the woman is not really a prostitute and so he himself is not really a client. However, for Mr. Gringo, this is part of a narrative which permits him to sexually exploit children as well as older teenagers and adult women. He continues:
"Sex is a natural thing for Hispanics. Everyone's at it, fathers do it with their daughters, brothers do it with their sisters,mother with son; they don't care. They'll do it with anyone, they do it with everyone, they don't care who it is or how old they are. They're like animals. That's the only way I can explain it to you. hey're like dogs or cats or roosters. Have you seen roosters, the way in the farmyard the way they carry on? Just hop on top of any chicken they see. That's what it's like Hispanics. By the time a girl is 10 years old, she's had more experience than, well, an American woman or an Irish woman won't never have that much experience in her whole life... Girls learn it's the way to make money. It's natural to them, it's a natural way to live , to survive its like going to school for other kids."

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