dimanche 14 avril 2013

How Does it feel?

The History of America is well known of the hierarchical subdivision characterizing the American society, America a society primarily White built and controlled, naturally an subordination status of some groups is part of their History, and present i.e. Hispanics and Blacks, Hispanics are well known of been the remains of Native Americans, and today they exist as second class citizens, Blacks are known of being African slave descendants, a tag that stuck on their status as African Americans.

I feel sorry for how Latinos feel, it's an historical issue that never happened anywhere else in the world. People all over the world got some dignity and pride (except Chinese and Indians ...lol ) Hispanics, aka Latinos or Mestizos are making history in the degradation of human self-esteem and dignity at the price of $$, they give the perfect example of the sellout humans in the 21st century, of lost souls .... C'est pourquoi souvent je parle de Hispanics ...comme une entity, une entity qui prends toutes les shapes, forms,sizes, and colors, une entitiy meprisable qui utilise le fact that the whole planet raped native Indians in a way or another, I don't blame them a lot, Natives were running around half naked, and at that time the prostitution notion wasn't introduced to them as a source of income, yet, so basically that was a buffet of gratos hookers, now they start charging, they can't be happier.

This multi-level cross breed with all kinds of Conquistadors and sex tourist make it easy for it to pass for different races to misrepresent or as inferior as it feels to change how it is seen as the second class citizens struggling for assimilation and integration developing a deep inferiority complex feeling. 

The origin of this entity is the Native Indians crushed spirit, that still struggling for equality in what was it's land . The Hispanics stereotype in US may be compared or related to white men discovery of the new world and the coexistence of European conquerors with the native Americans all the aspects of their life today is just an extension of that scenario. 

Some rumeurs, Natives spirit was evil ...but that's another story.

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