vendredi 13 juillet 2012

Mr. Core y La Raza

Are playing their last cards before they get crashed by Mr. Core..

Now they are all roaming around, confused, playing the nationalism card, while they all the Stupid Brown race, guarding him like a trophy, same way as they always did as soon as he is in NYC...

Looking down on La Raza, second class citizens, or the Brown race, just make Injuns enraged. 

And here is native spirit interacting with the supreme entity: Mr. Core.

Mr. Core uncovered the real inferiority complex of la Raza, and the scare of the humiliating Past..Hunting every single person of Hispanic descent.

Mr. Core explained for la Raza that they will never get equal, and that getting Gringos genes, improving their Native look and IQ is not the way, they just become a bunch of worthless stupid Gringos looking Injuns.

We will keep you up to date on the Brown race inferiority complex, and the joke of the Native Americans in improved look.

Happy Thanksgiving...Honoring the Two Spirit tradition since the signature of the civil rights bill.

M. Atta
TaMere Network
Porte Parole and Co- Founder.

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