vendredi 13 avril 2012

La Policia...

They are doing good Job sometimes, Arizona for instance may be cited as an example for a responsible legislative system aiming to fight the chaos caused by Illegal immigration, even if the execution of the controversial immigration law is pending; controversial to Hispanics who want to force the law to let them stay illegally and even pay for their expenses, and as ironic as it sounds it happening all over the states, America is like an international charity system, while the middle class is collapsing into poverty and the national debt is sky high setting historical record. 

 While NYPD are a bunch of faggots, drunks, pedos and rapists, promoting anarchy and Illegal activities on the 5 boroughs, normal, the city is Jew owned, they are in eternal quest for their promised land, making it a common point between them and Illegal Immigrants flooding into the city illegally. Plus the department is known for been minorities high school drop out recycled through a GED principal job provider, along with nursing schools.
As a result the department due to its minority based composition is immigrants, legal or illegal rights oriented department, if not an pro-illegal immigrants.
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