vendredi 2 mars 2012

Governor Jan Brewer: Why Not Just Feed The Parasite?

There may be plenty of reasons to like Jan Brewer but at core I don’t think she ‘gets it.’ From her appearance debating Guv Moonbeam on Meet The Press

GOV. BREWER: Well, but I mean, the day before that it’s heard by the Supreme Court? I mean, they are ultimately going to make that decision, whether Senate Bill 1070 is going to be upheld or not. I believe that it will be. But let me tell you when we talk about the Obama administration and securing our borders. No, they don’t want to secure our borders or they would secure our borders. They secure borders everywhere else, they could secure them on the Arizona border. And instead what do they do? They send guns, fast and furious, they’re sending guns down there to the cartel and then they don’t track them. And then noble people like border patrol agent Brian Terry gets murdered. People–47,000 Mexican citizens have been killed south of the border and we just ignore that? Mexico is Arizona’s largest trading partner. Why doesn’t the administration step up and do something to help Mexico?We help all these other countries. They do nothing. They don’t secure our borders, they send guns down there, they sue the state of Arizona and me personally for doing the job that they should do. It’s frustrating, David.

Query: why in the blue blazes would we give the narco-state hanging off the ass of our nation cent one?
Let’s see, they hate us, rejoice at our misfortune, are a turd world poop hole run by drug cartels. So which part of this is our fault?

Answer: none of the above!
Mexico is the way it is because it is filled with Mexicans. The more America becomes filled with Mexicans the more America will become like the sclerotic hellhole to our South.

There is no amount of money we could give to Mexico, or jobs program that would ever change the fact that Mexico is, well, Mexico.

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