lundi 31 octobre 2011

Hispanics...The confusion of an Ethnic group.

Hispanics with their eternal identity crisis and inferiority complex, as the marginal entity stuck between, the remain of native Americans, and the Europeans sex tourist breeding the remains of Native Whores in Scores, creating a new Specie...Hispanics....Not related in any form to Euro-Latin, nor to Spain, the only link is the conquerors language spoken in a primitive and low way..espagnole.

In USA they are just an pathetic entity in perpetual search for an Identity, stuck between Black and Whites and confused in where to belong or where to claim ancestry to...

They Hate Italians because of Christopher Columbus genocide and Rape of Native Americans by Millions, in fact that was the largest genocide in the History of the planet. In fact Native Americans remains aka Hispanics didn't get over it yet, the scare is there, deep inside their soul, same way as Blacks or African Americans are suffering from the Scare of Slavery.
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