mardi 5 avril 2011

How to Report illegals??
It costs 10 dollars and it works, but i guess you pedos depend on illegals, while people are struggling to find a job... But you dont care.
You like little Mestizos and Chinos you Pedos....

How to spot a Business that employs Illegals..? Easy...use the phone book or take a walk in China Town, Queens, NYC, or all the Delis and food service Businesses all over in NYC, or wherever you hear Spanish or Chinese language spoken, it's a business that use illegals or undocumented worker ...Illegal, ignorant peasants from China, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Ecuador...etc.

Stupid Mestizos and Chinos...Don't speak a single English word ...Some of them cant count beyond ten, and they make $500 a week CASH.
While Niggers are sitting on their fat black ass, since been Slaves descendent is considered a previlige, and the slavery reparation is going on since decades....Of course it's camouflaged and it takes the form of all kinds of government assistance, since Niggers tend to be unemployed more than all other races and dependent on others in a ridiculous way ...

"Niggers are like the dysfunctional, damaged, uncured organ that has to be amputed for the welfare of the body, for a healthier nation"
Sombody been talking recently about a reservation?
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