mardi 7 décembre 2010

Anchor babies...The silent invasion

An estimated 380,000 to 400,000 anchor babies born each year. Consider this excerpt from "OfficialWire"; "To give you a rough estimate of the costs: average birth in U.S. hospital: $8,800.00 without complications, by Barbara Feder Ostrov, San Jose Mercury News, 6/12/07. K-12 education at average rate of $9,644.00 per year per child. Breakfast/lunch provided to anchor babies at $5.00 per meal. English as second language at $1,000.00 per year per child. No figures for costs of medical care, assisted housing, special needs children with Autism, Down’s Syndrome or birth defects, and food stamps. Bare minimum total cost to U.S. taxpayer for one child to age 18: $218,792.00. Bare minimum total cost to U.S. taxpayer for 400,000 anchor babies to 18: $87,526,800,000.00. That’s $87.5 billion dollars of your money for someone else’s kid from a foreign country that lives illegally in the US. I could not find the figures for the upkeep of their mothers, but their costs run into the billions of dollars also". This excerpt only dealt with the economic damage. The term "anchor" obviously means a method of securing more illegals into the country. What do you think? A threat?
U.S. Border Control Statistics,"Business Week", "OfficialWire", Pew Hispanic Center.

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