mardi 5 octobre 2010

Hispanics family values...None sense

Hispanic Peoples Relationship With their new homeland Moves Beyond ignorance and abuse: Sheriff Los Angeles, California. -- A Los Angeles Mexicans family turned him in to police after he admitted to "acting like a Latino" with the family dog, his kids and the California envirnoment that he broke into to abuse, according to the LA County Sheriff's Office. Jose PedoFelio, 66, was arrested Monday for alleged bestiality, incestual rape (but it's a custom back home in Mexico!!!!) and vandalism, tagging, tossing trash around the city and driving a filthy unregistered polluting Minivan running only on 3 cylinders and bellowing smoke into the LA basin like a chimney. Deputies began investigating Jose after a family member called authorities with the allegation. Jose admitted to a deputy that he had touched the dog inappropriately, stuck his penis in his sons anus, threw trash around Los Angeles, painted his gangs name public and private property, and that he'd even had the dog perform sexual acts on his disabled grandmother, according to the sheriff's office. A vet examined the dog and found that her anal glands were swollen, the sheriff's office said. The accusing relative said the dog had been acting strange for several weeks and the relative Maria Pedofilia stated that the family was jealous that he was getting all the "good Latino action" and the family was not. Apparently they wanted in on the bestiality, pedophilia, elder abuse and community destruction and vandalism. Jose is being held without bond at the Rappahannock Regional Jail. In a public statement Julio lamented that the Los Angeles holding cell lacked the raw sewage, abusive transexuals and sexually assaulting guards that the prisons back home had. He said he would try and get by without the fringe benefits of Mexican prison activities. THEY DO THAT WITH THEIR DOGS, IMAGINE WHAT THEY DO WITH THEIR KIDS. SICK BASTARDS But it sure is good entertainment when they tackle larger animals like the Donkeys that Mexico has made famous with the Donkey Show mule rapes that are a Mexican Tradition like American Apple Pie is to the U.S. ....oh wait! Never mind the above news break! It is not News. It is standard Mexican Behavior in the U. S. now that the filthy swine has power in numbers, they can just relax and "be themselves". 
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