lundi 14 juin 2010

Message to the Mexican Community

Mexicans will be punished for Ecuadorians actions, we've been enduring Mestizos action for more than 3 years...We fully understood that the Mestizos aka Hispanics are represented by the majority among them....Mexicans, also we understand that Ecuadorians Action were made to serve Mexicans and undo any Mexicanos prior interactions ....All to serve La Raza interests in America. (La Raza refers to Hispanics...all Hispanics in USA, since they are the result of the cross breeding between Europeans and Native Americans, and don't start crying....Se blanco, se blanco from Spain.... Spaniards are in Europe...the only Europeans in south and central America are Argentina and Brazil, and some descent Latin countries. 
The rest is the you are the result of Spaniards testicle extracts residues fertilizing inside a native whore, and it's often an unwanted baby.

Therefore, unless an serious anti-Ecuadorians action (Serious means substantial, huge, spectacular...human lives don't mean shit in our currency, and we want action affecting the demographic composition of NYC and USA) by Mexicanos...(Any way they rape and kill babies all over south and north of the border) is in our knowledge in the shorter delay, Mexicans will be crashed, just the same way as Aucas descendants aka Ecuadorians.

As Always, we always keep up our word. 

P.S. If you don't comply, (Since Y'all a bunch of cowards and sellout in NYC, you will PIMP your 7 years old sister to make gringo happy )....We don't care!, we enjoy what we do, this post is just a way, to have piece of mind, by giving you a chance, while crashing your despicable existence in USA.

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