mardi 1 juin 2010

Hispanics...It's just a Job!

It's totally understandable that a big part of "Hispanic men who have sex with men" "HMSM" do it for a living not because they are homosexual (...??!!) 

That's why the statistics of Hispanic Homos is underrepresented....Plus they dont appear a lot on the Media, Internet, It's "off the book" paid Job/activity , they usually get paid cash....That's why it don't appears a lot on official statistics of HMSM.You cannot call an "Latttino" (Note the 3 ts) gay if he sucks dick for a living, it's called an " Professional Cock Sucker" "PCS". 

While u reading this post... Remember The next 2 Latttinos males u see ....1 of them is an PCS ...does that make him homosexual ...? nope, It's a job. 

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