vendredi 22 janvier 2010


 Fucky is an ethnic slur used in America .
This term comes mostly from the ethnically diverse prostitution community. This term orginiated with the Asian prostitutes as they had not yet picked up on full Enlgish grammar. "fucky sucky, two dollar".
In the Hispanics community it is known to be offensive. Referring to sexual intercourses between an adult male and and very young female, usually a female that dont have pubic hair grown yet, and dont menstruate yet. The use of the term among the Hispanic community have 2 main reasons :
1/The origin of the term in the Asian community, since Asians on average are generally thinner and shorter than Westerners, Stupid Mestizos, ignorant of the Asian small anatomy, often think an 24 years old Chinese girl is an 9 years old.
2/The well known and wide spread children prostitution in Latin America.
You got the image...Sexual intercourse with an naturally bold prostitute in the Latinos tradition, is called Fucky service.

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