lundi 2 novembre 2009

Scientific question answered.

Scientific question
Everybody knows and have seen Mestizos in America, Doesn't matter what nationality, color, shape or size they take...
It’s the same entity ...a Racial group in America who feels dangerously marginalized, that it tries to assimilate in other and every other ethnic group in America...
It knows how inferior it is, how down everybody looks on it, and that, to survive, in this modern hostile milieu, full of prejudice, it must wipe out all the negativity (hue negativity) and the low stereotype that's related to Latinos...
This is not our subject ...The question is, it’s amazing how theses Mestizos can reproduce, it is a world phenomenon how they overpopulate and mess up every were they exist’s like everywhere there is a spics community, the area is infested by lowness, savageness, prostitution, pedophilia, drugs use and traffic ignorance ...they will reproduce more than Chinese without the 1 kid policy ...If they were in China, China will be a 3rd world country ...that’s for sure.
It’s like they reproduce, not for family value, or as a principle in life ...They reproduce, they make stinky obese, ugly little Niño’s...TO OVERPOPULATE!!!!
THEY ARE LIKE FUCKING RATS,THEY FEEL MORE POWERFUL IF THEY ARE TOO MANY, that's what they live for, that’s what they believe in...cross the border, illegally make it to NYC, or California (NYC is paradise for Mestizos.. Thanks to Jews Pedos...) take the first available job for cash, find an underage Mestiza, make sure she makes at least 4 Niño’s before she’s 17...that ' their insurance vie in America.
Can anybody describe a sex scene between too Mestizos (male and female, even though i heard gay Latino couples make their service for la Raza by procreating) that cause to making an Nino, because it’s amazing the rate they reproduce by...It must be some special ritual they do... Somebody told me, they keep the Mestizos male sperm in a bottle, and the spiclette either, she drinks it regularly, Yup, they fertilize through their digestive system, or she inject herself using a syringe, in her vagina...I don’t think that’s how they do...anybody have any ideas?

Best Answer:
I heard, since they are all sodomites , they have the possibility to get pregnant trough anal sexual intercourses...they have a secret little short cut from the rectum to the ovum, characterize only spics race ...since their ancestor were all sodomite, in order to survive and reproduce, their body made an natural adaptation by allowing the sperm to pass to the ovum trough the rectum...
Thats what explain the way spics act... scratching their genitals, their ass hole, their forearm, their nose, their eyes and face.They scratch every part or their despicable greasy body...thats the side effect of the great adaptation that their body had passed trough.
They are a curse of the human race, they are just a bunch or corrupted, lost souls.

The making of an anchor baby manual.

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