dimanche 20 septembre 2009

Why Latttttinos need religion?

....And the white men discovered the new world , and introduced the new religion, to Native Americans(Hispanics), and Slaves(African Americans).
Uncle Sam was like ..."look son...im white i'am different, i got a long nose and fine lips, i'am youre master, I'am ure God!".
And as primitive, stupid and subordinate as they are ...They all bow down and start worshiping, and kissing gringos ass, represented by Jesus, since then and forever...
Ever since the discovery of the New World the indigenous peoples have been treated not only unfairly, but also unrealistically pigeonholed into stereotypes. The early explorers, historians, nineteenth century dime novels and twentieth century western movies have contributed immensely to the stereotypical images of the American Indians. Naturally, Native American women were no exceptions, they were stereotyped and misconceptualised. They have either been presented as primitive pagans or romanticised and mythified. On the one hand, the stereotypical Squaw image constituted the inferior, subservient, meek, lazy, wild and lustful woman. On the other hand, the stereotypical Princess was the guide, protector, helper, comforter, lover and rescuer of the white man. She fulfilled these roles at the cost of defying her people, changing her religion and even dying for the white man she loved.(Worshiping Gringos Since then, and until today). The newcomers with their Christian mentality, could not comprehend the Indian woman's power and her role in society. As opposed to misapprehensions, the canonised autobiographies of Native American women evince that Native American women are neither Squaws nor Princesses, but Corn Maidens in essence.
And today these primitive fucks put Jesus(gringo) and Santa madre(symbolize the Native women fascinated by Griongo at colonization/extermination time...)in every aspect of their subordinate life in USA...some examples:
Inspiration for tattoo design while in prison.
So, Latina mothers can use the word father in a sentence and not be completely lying.
Jesus a white male figure, that does indeed fuck them, but they can pretend still loves them.

So the religion for Hispanics may be represented as Gringo (jesus) penetrating Native women (Santa madre).

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