dimanche 24 mai 2009

Illegal hispanics life in usa....

They all need to be picked up and sent back to Mexico!!! They are here taking our jobs cuz they will work for next to nothing. They live 3 or more to a house and can pack 30 of themselves in a van to get around. They all have fake Id's and fake documentation to be here. They save their money to buy vehicles but have no drivers licenses. Most of them cannot speak English and refuse to learn it. There is however always one in the group that can speak English. They need each other here to survive and live their lives as liars in this country. They do everything underground from getting tags for their vehicles, and filing taxes under americans ssn#'s without the person knowing it. They are dirty, sneaky and liars!!!! They come get american white women pregnant (usually fat women) so that they have ties to this country. When they file taxes, usually since they cannot claim the child they produced here, they use family members that live in Mexico to use a claimant on their taxes. I have known several of them that have wives and kids in Mexico and they come here and shack up with women here. If they have the money to pay to sneak over here why don;t they just get their legal docs? MEXICANS ARE LIARS!!!! I read on R&R last week, that if it were'nt for Mexicans FAT women wouldn't get laid. I agree with that too. Any where you go, court, out to dinner, and other places you will see a Mexican and a FAT woman with there Chicano baby grubbing!!!

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