mardi 3 mars 2009

Little Madame Is The Biggest Name In Mexican Sex Trafficking

Consuelo Carreto Valencia is 4 feet, 9 inches tall, yet towers over the world of Mexican sex trafficking. God. No. Not literally, ok? It’s not like the world of Mexican sex trafficking is entirely constructed of Legos. It’s a metaphor for the sake of making this story marketable, ok people? Gosh. Anyway. Back to the sex gnome:Today, the first of several prostitutes who immigrated to New York City from Mexico in recent years to work in Corona brothels is scheduled to take the witness stand in Valencia’s trial. Prosecutors say Valencia is a Ma Barker character - unable to read or write in English or Spanish - who led a ruthless band of Mexican sex smugglers.Ruthless band of Mexican sex smugglers! Yeehaw! Did they twirl their evil Mexican mustaches while shooting their pistolas in the air? God almighty:Extradited last year from Mexico, Valencia is accused of supervising her sons, nephews and a daughter-in-law in a human trafficking organization that coerced young women from the town of San Miguel Tenancingo to work in condom-strewn brothels there and in Corona for several months.With promises of love, marriage and a better life in the United States, the women were made to work as prostitutes and forced to turn over virtually all of their cash - earned from sex acts priced as low as $25 - to the ring, said prosecutors Monica Ryan and Grace Chung Becker in a pretrial memorandum. They said Valencia and her family reaped hundreds of thousands of dollars from the brothels, with some of the proceeds wired from New York.“She has maintained from the beginning that she is innocent of the charges,” said Valencia’s lawyer, John Wallenstein of Garden City.He said Valencia insists that the allegations stem from a vendetta she had with the mother of one of the prostitutes in Mexico.If it is such a vendetta then, man, must it suck to be put on trial for a crime you didn’t commit. If not then we hope she’s sentenced to life in a tiny hovel that smells like old condoms and evil Mexican pistolero mustache wax.

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