vendredi 27 mars 2009

Latinos y Poloticos

Stupid Spics....
...voted for Mc.Cain
No way to vote for a Negro president, if its not a Spic better be a Gringo.
They hate Negroes due to the competition on who is best 2nd class citizens.These Hispanic bugs want to be 1st minority, and somehow get their land back they worship gringos they voted Bush and recentely they voted mccain. But as despicable as they are, after Obama got elected,you will find them like ..."si, si, Senor, Obama bueno ...freedoms, freedoms, freedoms".
McCain Use the Term "Spic"...You think Americans don’t call Hispanics “spics’ ? Trust me, they do.
"spic"....? how about greasy beaner fucktard. All you pieces of shit need to be flushed back down to the otherside of the fence!
You stink and so does your countries, Mexico, PR, DR, Ecuador...etc.

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