vendredi 13 février 2009

Mexicans are America’s new Niggers

Before black people gained the same legal status as whites they were treated as second class scum. They lived among us and although they weren’t officially slaves they did all the dirty work of society and were taken advantage of because of their unequal social status that was related to the color of their skin.But now we have a new class of nigger, illegal aliens. This time it’s not about the color of their skin but the geographical location where they were born. If you were born on one side of a line on a map you have different rights that if you were born on the other side. So we use them as slaves just like we used to use black people. But I don’t think there any difference between color based slavery and geography based slavery. It’s the same thing.So it pisses me off when fuckers like Lou Dobbs of CNN is on the air for an hour every single fucking day spreading CNN’s message that we need to hate these evil people just because of the location where they were born. It is the same as if CNN had existed in the 1950s and were ranting about the niggers wanting the same rights as white people.So I ask, what did Lou Dobbs do to earn hist citizenship in America? Did he take a test? Did he go through some sort of long and expensive process that let him EARN his citizenship? No! He didn’t do one fucking thing!So - let’s be fair about this. Let’s make being a citizen the same for everyone. Let’s have everyone take the same test. So if you can’t find Washington DC on a map then you get deported regardless of where you were born.Treating people like slaves just because of the location where they were born is as wrong as treating people like slaves because of the color of their skin. It was wrong to do it to blacks and it is wrong to do it to Mexicans.

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