vendredi 20 février 2009

Hispanic Pride..Latinas….an walking vagina

Its well known that Latinas are mostly to be whores...maybe they get another job after whoring around for a long time, and randomly fucking some el patron...
The amazing thing about that is Hispanic males are proud of their females as a prostitutes its like thats a part of Hispanics life in usa , thats perfectly normal and Thats just the Hispanics life style in America ...

So don't be surprised if an Hispanic male offered you his sister, daughter, mother, fuck for some cash or for some upgrade in the social status.
Stupid Spics, they kept that practice of native Americans trading their females for cheap goods to welcome the white men upon the discovery of the new world.
Dont look down to the stupid Hispanic male, thats normal for him, thats how they make it in America, dont take it as an excuse to disrespect him or something, he feels doing nohing but living in America as a part of the infrastructure (if America was a human body, Hispanics would be the genitals).
Must say Latinos pass trough a lot to afford an comfortable life in America, to drive expensive cars and buy expensive stuff.
 Latinas do a lot a lot a lot worse to make it in America, they fuck every gringo in sight, and come back to Jose, sperm smelling, he known, he don't ask, he don't mind, this America, they are Latinos, Latinos are the Prostitute social class.

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