samedi 7 février 2009


Brown,white, red or black Hispanics are the same, they are funny, but they are funnier, when they are white looking...3rd generation Mexican immigrants, the native genes diluted in the caucasians, often in a subordinate circumstances, Latina female are notorious for their quest for white genes, they spread their legs to as many gringos as they can, the result is the white Mestizo you see all around claiming ancestry from somewhere in Spain. That's about the White Mestizos, they are also available in Black.
The vast majority of contemporary Afro-Mexicans inhabit the southern region of Mexico; those that migrated north in the colonial period assimilated into the general population, making their existence in the country less evident than other groups. Some Afro-Mexican facts:
Mexico's second President, Vicente Guerrero, an Afro-Mexican, issued a decree abolishing slavery and emancipating all slaves in 1829, during his short term as president.
Race is not considered for any official purpose, including the census.
Gaspar Yanga founded the first free African township in the Americas in 1609.
a Black man named Esteban el Negro (Steven the Black), a North African Moor from Spain, searched for the fabled city of Cíbola with Cabeza de Vaca.
the song 'La Bamba', a traditional folk song and dance, was originally a song sung by African slaves in Veracruz as they worked. Bamba is the name of an African tribe in Angola.
Veracruz, Campeche, Pánuco and Acapulco were the main ports for the entrance of African slaves.
In the past, offspring of African/Amerindian mixtures were called jarocho (wild pig), chino or lobo (wolf). Today jarocho refers to all inhabitants of the state of Veracruz, without regard to ancestry.
Madison Pettis a well-known actress mother is Mexican and her father is African American.

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