vendredi 10 avril 2009

Chickas hookers.

Poverty, family violence, and, most importantly, an emerging market, are fueling the growth of child prostitution in NYC according to trusted sources in NYC. 
Some 9,000 boys and girls between 9 and 15 years old, are now engaged in prostitution in" bars, brothels "in NYC.
In NYC, in the some Dominicans, Mexicans whores houses area .
Its an fact that all Latinas are prostitutes...beaners whores are running all around , even some male prostitutes ...
In the known whores house area , there are little girls , 7 or 8 years old 11 max..., standing in the open doors , wearing tight sport pants , and an white shirt ....YOU may think , its just another little Latina dressed up like that by her mother to attract pedophile like all Latina do in America for extra cash, but the girl is actually a working prostitute, believe it or not, in the whores house ...with a heavy red lipstick on her lips, she may ask you "com on in !"

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